Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shared Writing - Iron Brion Show

On Tuesday 24th April Iron Brion came to Kelvin Road School to talk about healthy foods.
The juniors went to the hall first and the seniors went at 11:30.

Mark and May-Lee were the presenters. They introduced Iron Brion who was hiding outside and popping his head up through the window. We counted down loudly to 10 and then he appeared. He was dressed in a grey metal suit with gigantic blue shoes and he had blue spiky hair. He was a funny character who made us laugh a lot. He sneezed loudly “Aaahshoe!” He made a farting noise and blamed May-Lee. He pretended to be a clock and made the tick tock sound for 60 seconds. It sounded so real.

Iron Brion taught us about healthy eating and the four food groups. The meat group has red meat like lamb and beef. Red meat has iron which moves the oxygen in our blood to all parts of our body. The bread and cereals group is important for breakfast. It has fibre which is good for us. Some good cereals are Weetbix, Skippy, Cornflakes, Coco-pops and All bran flakes. Fruit and vegetables have anti-oxidants and free radicals which we need to fight off sickness. Milk and dairy products, like cheese and yoghurt, have calcium which is good for our teeth and bones.

Jayden and Cherieamour were the winners for the stage dance. Iron Brion taught us a song and dance. We had a competition, our Zinc team won so we got the free hamburgers first. The beef burger had lettuce, tomato and sauce – they were delicious. It was a joyful day.

Shared writing by Room 12 - 26 April 2007

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