Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Friday, May 18, 2007

Independent Writing by Room 12 Target Group

A visit to the dentist
By Ariana ~ Year 3

I don’t like going to the dentist because they put cotton buds in my mouth. They open my mouth too wide. I don’t like the clips in my mouth. If you have a hole in your tooth they will help you. They inject your gums with a needle. When they put that spinning thing (saliva suction) in your mouth it feels funny. When they pull your tooth out, it is very very painful. Dentists are good because they help look after our teeth.

Going to the dentist
By Micheal ~ Year 3

When I went to the dentist I was shocked and frightened. A doctor came and talked to me for a long time. A few minutes later they put my gums to sleep and pulled my tooth out. It was painful and I was bleeding. My gum was numb and sore. I got a lollipop and I stayed there for a while and talked about my tooth. They gave my tooth to me and gave my mum coffee and a card to call if any other teeth are coming out. I was pleased and so was my mum to see that my tooth was gone. I couldn’t eat anything at all. I was starving to death.

Causes of fire in the home
By Britelle ~ Year 3

Do not play with matches because it is dangerous. If you light one up, it could slip out of your hand and it could go onto the floor and burn the house down. Lighters can cause a fire when children play with them. They could be sitting on the couch and if they light it, they could burn the couch. Candles are dangerous because if you take a candle in your room, when there is no electricity and you fall asleep, it could tip over and burn your bed. If someone was cooking a bbq and they leave and not watch the bbq, it will burn.

Steps to fire safety
By Jayden ~ Year 4

1. My family makes an escape plan. We draw the house and exits.
2. I hear the smoke alarm so I yell, FIRE! FIRE!
3. I get down low and go, go, go!
4. I go to the safe meeting place.
5. I ring 111 and ask for FIRE.

What if there was no electricity
By Moala ~ Year 4

If there was no electricity you would not cook and not watch TV. You can’t wash your clothes and you would not have food in the fridge. There will be no lights. The game will be off too. If you have a computer, and you were busy with a game, your game will not be saved. The play station will also be off but if you have a memory card your game will be saved.

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