Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Monday, July 14, 2008

Comments from Canada's Resident Funologist - Jay Simons

Salutations to Mrs. Kree Raman and her Accomplished Students

Absolutely a privilege and an honour to have spoken to Mrs. Kree Raman and have the opportunity to share in the accomplishments of her students on her Blog. What a wonderful way to not only share your accomplishments throughout your school year but to have it forever maintained in Cyberspace, that just may enable you all to share Mrs. Kree Raman's wonderful Blog, highlighting your brilliant efforts to friends and family in present day but quite possibly to your kids in the future.

This Canadian is quite impressed with your excitement to not only learn but to excel in your school activities, well done.

A little about me and why I'm nicknamed "The Funologist". You see, I grew up with alot of negativity around me and alot of bad influences ( drugs, alcohol, bullies, gang-like peer pressure etc...) A choice at an early age made saying no to all of these vices easier than you can imagine. Simply this, I wanted to people to enjoy my personality and I wanted to share in great fun in everything I did whether it was while working or playing. The vices I mentioned would sure effect the way people thought of me in a negative way and would most certainly exclude me from being invited to join in on the Fun. My life's philosophy was to avoid the vices in life that would directly or indirectly effect me in a Negative way.

That path I chose at an early age has allowed me to excel in school, have the distinct honour of serving as an Artillery Airborne Paratrooper with the Canada's Elite SSF (Special Service Force ) And because of leading a lifestyle without the vices of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs & overeating, I was able to get into and maintain great shape and compete in the Army National Hockey Championships in Lahr, Germany.

Today, I enjoy a fantastic relationship with my fiance and embrace new and long term relationships with friends that are just like your teacher Mrs. Kree Raman, filled with a passion to empower the very best in those we meet in our lives. I am all about being Fun, Positive and Encouraging and I avoid being Negative & Critical of Others. Always remember, the way you treat others, is that how you would like to be treated? Would you not like to have someone cheering you on in Good Times as well as Tough Times? Ofcourse you would :) Become a believer in Karma, be Positive and Help others lead Positive Lifestyles and you inturn will attract into your lives Good Karma. Be Negative and Hurtful to others and you will attract Bad Karma into your lives. So choose to be a "Funologist" and spread the Good Karma to everyone you meet starting with Mrs. Kree Raman, you're all very fortunate to have this wonderful lady in your lives and she thinks the world of you guys and why not, you're truly, on the "Right Path" to succeed in Life.

Stay Great!

Jay Simons - "The Resident Funologist"

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