Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Friday, August 28, 2009

Speech: Our Cool School by Te Kawehau

What do you think of Kelvin Road School? I think our school is the best school in Papakura. We have the best school because we have awesome teachers. They teach us exciting topics such as Space and Trains. At Kelvin Road School there are about 450 pupils and 47 staff.

Our school is fantastic because unlike other schools we have lots of equipment and resources. There are four fields and three adventure playgrounds and we have many computers in every class room. Soon we shall be building a climbing gear train. This year the school might be getting some more drinking fountains.

At our school there is a radio station that you can listen to if you live nearby in Papakura. Our radio station is called KRS FM 107.1. Every day we present the news and ongoing events. I think we are the only school with a radio station so we are very lucky.

Every year we have wonderful visitors, musicians and authors that come to our school to talk to us. During book week we had a visit from the author Chris Gurney, Lindy Davis and others. Even TV 3 presenters came to read to the juniors. We celebrated by having a book parade with the entire school.

Each term there is an inter-school sports day and a lot of children participate to have fun. This year we have had the summer sports, winter sports and gymnastics and I have participated in all three events. This term we have been learning about trains and in week 5 the seniors went to Britomart. When we go out of the school we are expected to listen and do well and to show that we are responsible ambassadors of Kelvin Road School.

Our principal Mr. Robertson has really got to be thanked for buying some of the sports equipment, books, computers and other cool things we have in our school. When my bag got stolen with my expensive rain jacket Mr. Robertson gave me a brand new Adidas rain jacket. Those kids whose lunches got stolen all got free morning tea and lunch from the school.

Our deputy principal Mr. Mc Millan is the second in charge. He is the one who mostly deals with all the problems in the senior school. He will make sure that if something gets stolen he will find someone that knows what happened and then he will catch the person.

In Room 8 we have been doing heaps of cool and exciting things, for example we had a class trip to the Sir Edmund Hillary library. Most of us became members of the library and borrowed books and Play-aways. We also went to the art gallery which was fantastic. Room 8 has also competed in poetry recital. We had to practice hard to make Mrs Raman proud and we did. I came first because I listened to Mrs Raman’s advice. The thing that I enjoyed doing was making the space question video for astronaut Mark Polansky. My question got chosen and was answered by the astronaut from space. This year my teacher helped us create networking accounts such as gmail, twitter and a blog. She did that so we could interact and stay in touch with each other when we are at home or overseas and also to communicate with our global gateway buddies. I have a blog and I have already written something about the book parade on my blog. Our teacher told us never to share our important information on the Internet. Every Tuesday we are lucky to have one hour of Taha Maori with Whaea Erena which is really fun. On Wednesday during lunch times our whole class learns Kapahaka with Whaea Davene. On Friday afternoons my mum and Whaea Emma come to Room 8 to teach us how to make different kinds of putiputi using harekeke. We are so lucky to have all these awesome opportunities at our cool school. That's why I think Kelvin Road School is the best school in Papakura. Don't you agree?

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Mark said...

I think that your school is outstanding! I think that all of you kids have spoken your minds, taken your first big steps to becoming adults and have shown many people what it takes to make this world work.
Thank you!