Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Short Vowel Short Stories “a e i o u”

Bad Fat Cat


Pam has a cat. The cat is fat. The fat cat is bad. Bad fat cat sat in the jam. Pam has a rag bag. In the bag went Bad Fat Cat. Dad and Pam ran with Bad Fat Cat to the tap.


Red Hen

Red Hen is Pam’s pet. Bad Fat Cat is wet. Bad Fat Cat ran to get Red Hen. Red Hen ran to Pam’s bed. Bad Fat Cat sat on Pam’s bed. He let Pam’s bed get wet. Can Fat Cat get Red Hen?

Pippin Pig

Pippin Pig went to dig in the pit. Bad Fat Cat ran to Pippin Pig. The Bad Cat hit the little pig. He bit him on the leg. Pippin Pig ran and hid in the big tin bin. The cat did not fit in the bin. Dotty ran to get Pam. Will Pam get rid of Bad Fat Cat?

Dotty Dog

Dotty Dog is in his box. Bad Fat Cat is on the top of the box. The bad cat has a hot pot. He will pop the pot on Dotty. Dotty cannot spot the cat. Red hen can spot Bad Fat Cat. She will hop onto the box. She will stop Bad Fat Cat.

Nuts, Buns and a Hug

Run Dotty! Run to get Pam! Dotty tugs Pam to the bin. Pippin is in the bin. He is hot in the sun. This is not fun. Bad Fat Cat sits by the bin. Pam runs up to the bin. She gets Pippin Pig. She sets him on the rug. Pam has nuts for Pippin. Dotty the pup has a bun. Red Hen runs to hug Pippin. Red Hen gets a nut too.

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