Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Explanation: Why do Hindus celebrate Diwali

Diwali is known as the festival of lights that Hindus celebrate all around North India, South India even in New Zealand. When Hindus celebrate Diwali they draw rangoli patterns to invite God to their home. My teacher Mrs. Raman baked sweets and cookies. She made plates for 50 people. When you celebrate Diwali you have to buy new clothes like saris - that’s what my teacher wears every time she celebrates Diwali. Hindus cannot celebrate Diwali if there is a death in the family. Hindu people rub oil on their body before having a bath to cleanse themselves. People are very kind and caring because of the food that is given to others. There was once a king called Shree Raam who got sent to the forest for 14 years. After 14 years, Shree Raam and his wife made their way back home. The people of Ayodhya lit up candles and lamps for their most loved lord Shree Raam to welcome him back. Diwali is a very popular Hindu festival. It is important because goodness will always defeat the evil and light will conquer darkness.

By Makayla

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