Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How to make Cheese (Paneer)

Firstly bring 2 litres of whole milk to the boil.

Next add about half a cup of lemon juice to curdle the milk.

Leave milk on stove to curdle for five minutes.

Check to see if the milk is properly curdled.

Strain out the curds through a muslin or cheese cloth into a sieve or colander. Pour cold water over the curds to remove any taste of lemon.

Put some weight (like a pot of water) on top of the curds and leave it to drain and firm up for about half an hour. Save the whey to be used as stock in soups or to bake bread.

Add a pinch of salt or herbs to spice up your cheese. Lastly slice up the cheese into cubes and add to your favourite vege dish such as spinach, butter chicken gravy or tomato chutney. Enjoy your homemade cheese (paneer).

Excellent Link: http://www.vahrehvah.com/

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St Joseph's Lower Middles said...

This looks very easy but I've tried making paneer with supermarket milk and lemon juice and it did not curdle. Do you use just normal milk?
Rachel Wills