Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Recount: Swimming Sports

A few weeks ago in week four the teachers planned for us to have swimming sports. When we were all ready to leave our classrooms we had to sit outside in the hot sun. A few minutes later all classes came outside. Mr. McMillan talked to us about what the rules were for walking and when we got to the pool. Finally we left. We were the first class to lead the whole senior syndicate. We all went to the pools to practice swimming for the people that were competing for the school and to have fun. I was sure that when we got there a lot of kids were getting excited. Everyone was exhausted from walking a long way to the pools. That was a pretty long walk. We were all happy because we knew that we could sit down. Finally when most of the classes were there Room 8 got changed in the changing rooms first. A few minutes later Mr. Oakey said that we could all have a free swim to get used to the water. Then we all had to hop out. Then Mrs. Smith called out the year 5 boys to have races and so on. A lot of the races were won. Some children came 1st other children came 2nd and some other children came 3rd. I felt happy that I won those races and that gave me a chance to practice competing for the inter school swimming sports. I was really proud of myself after the swimming sports. I also felt proud of my school for all the hard work they had done even though we came 4th.
By Te Kawehau

In week four this term the whole of Kelvin Road went to Massey Park Pools. First we all had a free swim for five minutes. Everyone was having a good time. After the teachers blew the whistles everyone had to jump out. Later on we started with year 4s races. They had free style then back stroke. Then it was year 4 girls turn. They also did free style back stroke and breast stroke too. Next we did free style lengths that took a lot of time but we got through it. Later on it was year 5s turn. We did all that but it was harder. We were so exhausted when all of our races were done. Then it was year 6s which was even harder. I bet they were tired. Then we had another free swim. Next the teacher did a just for fun race. I came 3rd in mostly every race but that’s ok. Later in the day I went home with my mother and nana. I felt excited and exhausted too. I also felt happy that it was over. But it was a very good day. That was one of my best days at the pools. I was very tired.
By Ben

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