Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Papier Mache Vases

How to make a Papier Mache Vase:

What you need: old newspaper; hard cardboard for the base 30cm x 20cm; lots of sellotape; glue-paste; lots of newsprint; paint and paintbrushes.

What to do:
1. Roll a strip of newspaper and stick it firmly to the cardboard base.
2. Continue rolling and sticking strips to build the wall of the vase.
3. To make the wall wider, glue the strips on the outside of the wall. To make the wall narrower, glue the strips on the inside of the wall.
4. Mix the glue paste with water till its weak and runny.
5. Dip wide strips of newsprint into the glue and stick it onto the vase, starting at the bottom and covering the entire vase inside out.
6. Leave your papier vase to dry for 2 weeks.
7. Draw lovely patterns on the vase with a sketching pencil.
8. Paint your vase in bright colours.
9. Make some putiputi with harekeke (flax flowers) for your vase.

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