Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Space Mission tokens for Cool Kids from USA

Here is an email from one of our readers, Mark Shultes, senior dimensional inspector for Ball Aerospace (America) who is sending Room 8 Cool Kids some patches/pins from the Space Missions.

(Please forward this to the new teacher of the Cool Kids of Room 8.)
I finally got the shipping materials for the small tokens that I want to share with the Cool Kids. It is not much, but all I have at this time.
I will ship it on Monday. The shipping label shows your name for delivery, and mine as sender.
It will include the DVD of "Comet Collision", which shows my companies work on the Deep Impact mission.
This video is a little intense, and should be reviewed by the school administrators before showing to the kids, but I see that it is on YouTube already.
Thank you so much for your friendship, and keep in touch.
Mark Shultes and family
Colorado, USA


An earlier email: 1 August 2009

Hi Kree,
My name is Mark. I live in Colorado USA and work in aerospace.
I saw one of your comments on the NASA channel and checked out your class room website. You seem to be an outstanding teacher.
I hope that you have received some replies from the astronauts.
I tend to get a few pictures, patches and pins for the space missions I work on.
If you have not received any, I would be willing to send you some of mine.



Email: 2 August 2009

Dear Kree,
Wow! The two youtube links of your cool kids questions (and answers) were great! What an honor!
Four of the astronauts from STS-125 came to my work this past Thursday for lunch and a presentation. I did not get a chance to speak with them, but just seeing and listening to them in person was AMAZING!
Very few people get the experience that these astronauts do, but many thousands of people get to help them achieve it. I am so proud to be able to contribute.
The Engineers, Technicians, Machinists, Software experts, Electricians, Inspectors... and the list goes on, are incredible people.
I am a senior dimensional inspector for Ball Aerospace. We work very hard to make sure that the parts and components are the best that can be produced.
It takes a world of people to make these things happen!
Keep up the great work!
Best Regards,
Mark Shultes and family

mark shultes

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