Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Speech: Taking care of your pet by Memory

Have you ever had to take care of your pet? If you never had a pet but you want one listen up. I'm going to tell you the proper way to look after your pet and why. To start with, you should never abandon your pet. If you are going overseas you can just ring up a friend to come around and pick up your pet or you can ring the S.P.C.A. and drop your pet off. Whatever you do, do not forget your pet. All they ever want is for someone to love them and care for them. Whether you love pets or not, your pet will always love you no matter what. Even if it is not your pet it will still love you. If you come across a fierce dog stand still and don't look it in the eye then it won't bite you. I think you should treat God’s creation the way you treat people. If you lock your dog or cat in the house and leave it in there it might die. Be careful if you're visiting someone’s house because some people make their dogs like a guard dogs. They might be vicious and dangerous dogs. Some people even starve their dogs so if anyone was walking past the dog would bite them. When cats are abandoned they become stray cats and live in the bushes and eat scraps. They have babies and when the mother dies the babies have to be like their mother living on the streets and eating the scraps. If you have a pet your pet needs the 5 freedoms. The 5 freedoms are (1) to make sure that your pet has shelter (2) to take your pet for a run or exercise (3) to always love your pet and care for it (4) to make sure your pet has food and water and (5) to take your pet to the vet care once a year so your dog is not sick. I have a cat and I give him the 5 freedoms. My mum makes sure that I do. My kitten’s name is Kitty Boy. We play with him properly and take him for walks. There is nothing better than to love your pet. That is why if think taking care of animals is very important. Please treat your pet as part of the family.

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Mark said...

Wonderful! My wife had to take care of our kitten that the vet said was near death. She had to feed it with a tube every day for a month. Our cat is now 4 years old. Thank you for your care and love of animals!