Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Speech: My future career by Chase

What do you want to be when you grow up? My future career is to be an en engineer because there are more opportunities instead of being a policeman or a pro-wrestler. I also want to build sky-scrapers taller than the sky so people can go to the top floor and look at all the buildings I made. I want to get lots of money to help the poor people in the world. I want to be an engineer because I like to build things and Mrs Raman suggested that I should be an engineer when I grow up. The first thing I want to make is a bridge because I want to know how to make a real bridge. I will build bridges all over the world. As I get better at building things I want to go into space and fix the Hubble space telescope if it needed to be fixed and stay up in space for a while in case it needs to be fixed again. I will fix or build anything anywhere in the world and if possible I will make a city on Mars and gardens for oxygen so people can breathe to be able to live on Mars. Before that I will find water and when I do I will build houses there so they can keep an eye on the water and make sure the water doesn't disappear. With engineering I will be able to design anything on Earth or in space. There are thousands of things you can build when you're an engineer. You can fix things too. The thing I want to build the most is a ship like the Titanic but I will make sure it does not sink like the first Titanic. To be an engineer I have to be good at maths and I need to learn more and go to university. First I will build small things then move on to constructing bigger things. When I make enough money I shall go to Paris for a Holiday and stay there for two months. Each holiday I shall work in different countries in the world. If you're an engineer you can build thousands of things. If you were a engineer what would you build and what kind of engineer will you be? My dad is studying to be a person who designs and draws the plans for an engineer. He is still learning in an adult school in Christchurch. I don't know when he will finish but I am proud. I am proud of him for going after his dream. I hope I become an engineer when I grow up. I will be very happy and I think Mrs Raman will be so proud because she was able to inspire me to become an engineer because of my love for building blocks.

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Mark said...

The world is made up of so many different people! It is what makes it all work. What ever you decide to be... just do it the best you can. That is what matters most.