Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Speech: My favourite sport by Shavanah

Do you play sports? I play many sports like netball, softball, touch, hockey, swimming, soccer, rugby and badminton. I enjoy playing softball the most because you have to field and bat the ball.

But with rugby, touch and hockey you run and chase the ball from one goal to the other. The only running you have to do in softball is when you're fielding the ball or when you are running the bases to get home and score a run.

I advise you to have a go because you might enjoy it just like me. Netball is another cool sport because in netball you cannot step or run with the ball.

If you run with the ball, the referee will pull you out for stepping. Netball is not just for girls, boys can play netball too.

Hockey is a sport where you use a stick to hit the ball. It is called a hockey stick. Hockey is a real good sport because you just use your hands and feet with hockey.

Hockey is a famous sport because nearly everyone plays hockey. Swimming is just the same as hockey but for swimming you do not use a stick. You just use your arms and your legs.

The best thing about swimming is doing the back stroke, butterfly and freestyle. I think that swimming is a good sport because it feels great to play in the water.

Swimming is a sport that has lots of good exercise. Netball can be a rough game because you play it outside on the concrete. Some people have fun playing netball especially scoring goals.

Rugby is an exciting game because you run and chase the ball and you have to tackle the player with the ball. The best thing about rugby is when you have the ball and when people chase after you.

For rugby you need a mouth guard and head gear. In rugby first you have to warm up. I think that rugby is really fun the only thing is when you get tackled you might hit your head on the ground.

I like rugby because it can make you fit and strong. Soccer is an outside sport because you have to use a ball for soccer and wear proper soccer gear like knee pads and soccer shoes.

Badminton is an indoor sport. You use a racket and a shuttle. Badminton has strict rules and you must follow them. I like it because if it is raining you can play inside.

The best thing about badminton is that it is fun. It is challenging too. Touch is a wonderful game because you just need shoes and a rugby ball. Touch is a wonderful game because it is good exercise.

Badminton is my second favourite sport because it is fun. Badminton can help you get better in softball by making your arms stronger. You have to hit the shuttle up above your head. But with softball you leave your hand down by your head.

I like playing sports so I think that you should start playing sports like me and my whole family. Sports keeps you fit and achieve. You should try playing sports in your spare time.

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Mark said...

I'm a pretty good swimmer, and my dad use to play semi-pro hockey. You seem to have fun with sports to. Don't forget that school is very important in all you do!