Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Speech: My dad is the best by Brooklyn

Is your dad the best dad in the world? My dad always takes me to paradise ice skating every Friday after school because I'm always bored at home. Sometimes he takes me and my brothers to my nanas house. We always get lollies from my dad and sometimes he gives me money and also he helps us with our homework. My dad is the coolest dad in the whole wide world. He makes me laugh about jokes. He wants me to go to Australia to see my friend Sherry. He might take us to movie world. Dad takes me to Rainbows End. We went on the fear fall. After that we went on the roller-coaster then we went to the Gold rush. It was fun. Dad and I have lots of fun together but sometimes he growls at me, but that’s ok, it doesn't matter. My dad is the best dad in the world because he gives me loads of money. I spend it on clothes and books. Dad takes me to Papakura pools. He goes to the deep side of the pool and I try to follow him all the way but I know I will drown in the deep end. When we go home my dad makes a barbecue for dinner. Dad and I clean around the house. We clean inside too. Sometimes he lets us walk to Clendon. We always want to go to Auckland City and I want to go to the sky tower with my dad. My dad might sky dive off a plane. He wants me to go with him. Next year we are celebrating my birthday at home by having a hangi and a barbecue. I'm going to have a big party. When it's dad's birthday I'm going to buy him a skateboard, clothes, shoes, hat and a motor bike. My favourite thing I do with my dad is skating together. I'm going to ask my dad if he could bungee-jump off the Harbour Bridge. My dad is the best dad in the universe. We also go fishing together. Dad lets me fish for him. I like fishing with dad because he always catches some fish for dinner. When I am 12 years old dad's going to take me to America. We will go to Disneyland. Every day dad always gets up early in the morning to make my lunch. Sometimes he drops me off at school and he picks me up. On July 25th dad brought me some clothes, books, pens and chocolate. I like it when he buy's me stuff. That's my favourite thing about him. Soon my dad's going to take me and my cousin Harmony to Kelly Tarltons. We will see the penguins. After that he will be taking us to the museum. We are going to see the Mummy and we will play with the drums. I wanted dad to come to our train trip but he couldn’t. I got an mp3 from my dad and I liked it. I gave him a big hug. Mostly after school he takes me to Burger King then we do the shopping. Dad buys me heaps of lollies. On Sundays we go to the movies. Recently we watched Ice Age 3. It was fantastic. On Saturdays we go to my Auntie's house. She lives on a farm. Dad and I like feeding the lambs. After feeding the lambs we feed all of the other animals. Aunty makes us a drink of hot chocolate, coco or Milo. Sometimes we play on the play station 2. Dad always beats me. Sometimes we go to the Video Shop to get Some DVD’s and videos. My dad is definitely the best dad in the world.

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Mark said...

You are very lucky! I am not the best dad, but I try to help my kids the best I can. They are 17 and 7 years old and are the love of my life. They have a long life ahead of them, and I hope that I can help them achieve what they want to become.