Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Speech: Computer Games by Karnvir

Do you like playing computer games? I love playing computer games because you get to do spelling, maths and reading. Reading is important because in most games on the computer there is lots of reading to do. There are many types of games that I like such as Runescape, cooking games and miniclip. My favourite games are Runescape and Miniclip. I love playing Runescape because you can chat, sell or buy stuff. I started playing Runescape last year after coming to New Zealand. I play free Internet runescape but you can become a member if you want to pay $11.00 a month. Members have more stuff than free users. Members can get their level faster than free users. I am level 86, my cooking level is 65, my attack level is 66, my hit points level is 70, my defence level is 66, my strength level is 74, my prayer level is 49, my total level is 864. Runescape is a role-playing game. You play as a certain character which is called an avatar. My name is chingchau. You choose and buy the armour to dress up in. I am now wearing the popular Rune armour which is blue.

I was swearing at people on Runescape so my account was deleted. That’s why I don't swear online anymore. I was muted for 3 days because I was asking someone for their password so that guy reported me. I don't like to get muted because if someone chats with me I can't answer them back. But mostly, I hate chatting online because some people ask me stupid questions. One day there was a guy who was asking my password because he wanted to steal my account. I have four accounts.

Do you like playing miniclip games? I also love playing miniclip games because we can play many types of games like fighting, shooting games, car racing and bike racing. There are paid online games and some of them are free. There are many games that we can't play because we have to pay for them. Miniclip games start from junior level. Seniors don't like it much. If you play computer games for over 2 hours you will get a headache. Whenever I play games or do my work on the computer for 2 hours hour I get a headache that’s why I play for 1 hour at a time. I never ever swear at people on online games because they will report me and my account will be disabled.

Playing online computer games are cool and fun. I feel that as long as I have a computer I will never be lonely. When I grow up I want to create my own computer games.


Mark said...

You seem to have a broad knowledge with math, english, and technology. Becareful of the internet though, you must be careful of the spam and such.

ratnaveera said...

Road Rash and Moto Racer are popular computer games which will attract most of the children. They will render nice experience and entertainment to every playing children. But, studying children need good self control in playing computer games.