Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Speech: My favourite subject by Ariana

What’s your favourite subject? My favourite subject is math because it is fun, interesting and it is good for shopping. When me and my mum go shopping I always use math to count how much the shopping will come to. There are lots of reasons why math can be fun but some people don't know how much fun math can really be.

There are online math games, math board games and there are even books about maths. I love math because it is good for your brain and it can also challenges your brain too. Math is the study of numbers, measurements and shapes. That's what I like about maths.

Maths is good for you when you do your basic facts test. Math is fun because it makes you think and problem-solve. It is good when you go to College or University. Math is fun because there are lots of things in the world that involve math.

When you go on a road trip or on a plane you can do math because it will challenge your brain and it will be really fun if you do a quiz with any one that you go with. Math is fun at school when you are learning with the teacher in your math group. Math is fun if you make it fun with all your friends and family.

Math is used when you build a house because you need to count how much timber you need for the roof or how much you need for the sides. Math can also be used for banking and budgeting because you need to know how much to spend and how much to save in your bank account. Math is good for baking because you need to know how much ingredients to add and you also need to understand measurement.

In class I am in the top group for maths because I love math and I enjoy learning about math. If you want a job you need to remember everything especially your math. Math is great for sewing because you need to count how much wool you need to knit your jumper. You need to know how to measure and cut out your patterns to sew.

So you see math is important in our daily life. You can't do many things without using your maths knowledge. Maths is my favourite subject at school.

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Mark said...

Ah! Very cool! Math is good for a lot of things, and you already know that! You can use it shopping, at school, and... like me... at work! very cool!