Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Speech: Michael Jackson – the King of Pop by Tyson

Did you like Michael Jackson? I am one of Michael’s biggest fans. He was the king of pop and the best musician that ever lived. Michael Jackson was the best dancer I ever saw in the world because of the moon walk and his clothes that he wore at his concerts.

He created the moon walk and also that movement when he pretends to fall forward and then backward. He has an enormous house as big as Disney land which is called Neverland like from the Peter Pan story. I like Michael Jackson’s house and cars and furniture. I liked Michael because he wore cool clothes and a cool shiny silver glove on one hand. He was the first singer to ever do that.

My favourite songs are Thriller, Beat it, You are not alone, We are the world, they are the best songs I ever heard. I like Michael’s Thriller video. In the video, when Michael and his girlfriend are watching a movie, she gets scared because of the werewolf and leaves the movie. Michael follows her out and then the song starts. I liked the dance moves, the costumes and the song as well.

The only thing is I did not understand why Michael wanted to throw his baby off the building. We will never know why he did that but I am sure he had a good reason. Michael would not hurt anyone, not even his own baby. I wonder what he was thinking and feeling? He also changed the colour of his skin. I think he should have left it the way God created him. In the end he took heaps of pills because he was in a lot of pain from all the surgeries he had.

It was with great sadness on Friday the 26th June, that I heard from Mrs Raman that Michael Jackson had died. Michael died at the age of 50 years, from an unexpected heart-related death.

Even though Michael is dead, his music will live on forever. He will always be the king of pop and the best musician of all times. I miss you Michael but thank you for leaving us all of your wonderful songs. Rest in peace Michael Jackson.

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Mark said...

I LOVE MUSIC! Micheal was the king of pop, just as Elvis was the king of rock! My favorite bands are the ones no one ever hears on the radio. I really like all music!