Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School

Kahikatea Tree at Papakura South School
Martha-Lee and Madeline

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Speech: My favourite subject by Euphrasia-Jan

What is your favourite subject? My favourite subject is reading. Reading is important to some people like me. I like reading because you can learn many hard and exciting words. You can also improve your reading and spelling which is kind of the same thing. You can read everywhere, like on computers, books, at school and at libraries. I like reading because you can learn all about the world, and other imaginary places. When you grow up you can become a teacher and read to all the kids at other schools in the country. But you don't have to be a teacher to read well. My favourite authors are E.B White, Joy Cowley and Margaret Mahy. I like them because they write cool and exciting books to read. There are words everywhere. When you talk, what comes out of your mouth? ‘‘Words'' when you hear things what goes into your ears? ‘‘Words''. That's why words are everywhere. Letters and words are everywhere because you can see, listen and understand what people say and write. You don't always have to write heaps instead you can read heaps. Chris Gurney is an author. She has published 3 stories called ''Cindy and the Lost Jandal'', ''Trev and the Kauri Tree'' and ''The Blue Duck''. ''Cindy and the Lost Jandal'' is already in the library. But the two other ones are coming out in a couple of months. I like Chris Gurney because she has written some fantastic books for little kids, both juniors and seniors. People borrow books from the libraries to learn harder words. Then they can go to university and get a career. But if you don't read well you won't know a lot. Some of the brightest people in the world get their knowledge from reading, so it is important that we all read if we want to be bright. Reading doesn't have to be just from books. It can also be from poems, newspapers, magazines and a whole lot of other things. Poems, magazines, newspapers and books are fun to read because it is exciting and shorter to read than novels. But most magazines and newspapers are for adults not for little kids. They are for adult because it is some stuff that we are allowed to see and hear about. Have you ever wondered where the authors of the books get the amazing words they use. I think they get it from reading books. That's why I like reading, because you can go to university to be a teacher, or a journalist or an author. I would like to become an author when I grow up.

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Mark said...

Awesome! Reading is the main place to find knowledge, and you are well on your way! My wife loves to read, and she helps my family to read too! Great job!